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Max Lemme

Transformation Coach

Melanie Lever

Co-director of Team M&M
They have goals; they hit them, so can you:
Justin Oxton
Day 21 weight lost 11.3kg, and I ate five meals every day. I can't wait for next weeks results. Thanks for the daily motivating texts*
Greg Stone
After 21-days of Max's challenge, I'd lost 14kgs. After another 21 days, I'd lost 32kgs in total. I continue to follow his program and have lost a total of 40kgs. I'm set up for life thanks to Max*
David Clancy
Worked with a dietician and lost 7kg in one year, Did Max's challenge and I lost 14kgs and 50cm in 21 days*
Joe-Anna Aiono
Thanks to Candace Hemi-Mason ☺
At the end of day 14, I have lost 5.6kgs and over 30cm. I couldn't have done this without Max's daily support. Those texts are vital for success.
Update: Day 21, 6.7kgs and a whopping 54cm. Thanks, Max I'm speechless*
Lisa Host
So the end of my 21 days, 5.7kg down (though it feels like more) a total of 28.5cm lost. I would never have thought I could lose so much body fat so quickly. I love the fact that I got a daily motivation text, usually exactly when I was going to crumble. Thank you so much*
Michelle Vasilevski
6kgs and 30cm lost in 6 days, following Max's 21-day Challenge. This has been the easiest and most rewarding program I have ever followed. And trust me, I've tried everything on the market! Looking forward to smashing the remainder of the challenge and reaching my goals. Thank you, Max Lemme, your program has already boosted my confidence and given me so much more energy*
Nicky O'Brien
I've never felt so good, 4.3kg in 7 days. And week two is going to be better I can just tell*
Marcus Mojsoski
The food's great, the daily text's are great, and the weekly consultation and those adjustments make it all work together. I never thought I'd lose 12kg and wait for it, 40cm, 20cm off my waist. My whole family is on board and my mum has lost 7kg and 30cm. Can't wait for the FREE winter program*
Samantha David
Couldn't help myself, over the weekend I tried on some clothes I had put aside in my wardrobe to try on once I completed the 21-day challenge (hoping to be able to fit back into them). I was over the moon! I was able to get back into all of them and do up the zippers, admittedly one was still a little tight around the hips, but it gave me a kick of confidence and motivation to keep going with my challenge at a time where I was beginning to struggle. I am so glad I decided to commit to the 21day challenge, thanks For restoring my confidence and energy Max*
Cory O'Brien
After finishing Max's 21-day challenge, I've lost 9kgs and 45cm. I haven't been this size for the last ten years. Max a big thank you, I appreciate your selflessness and encouragement. I can't recommend Max's program highly enough. I bought the platinum program and have added 20 years to my life. I'm able to spend more time with my daughter and my other passion dirt bikes. Thank you again, mate*
Peter Walsh
What I love about Max's challenge is between the first round at the start of the year and the second round in August I continue to lose weight. Come summer I don't have the same problem most of my mates have. 21 days, 12kgs and 38cm. Ooh, yes!*
Lauren King
My transformation has been incredible. 
My weight spiralled out of control due to stress, and I ballooned. Max's 21-day challenge was presented to me at the perfect point in my life, and I decided it was now or never. Now I feel confident and proud when I look into the mirror! I will continue to strive to be the best mum I can be*
Erin Bradley
Why Max's 21-day challenge continues to work for me is we have a plan. I know exactly how much I'm going to weigh at what time of the year. The daily text you receive and the weekly consultation set this up for me. After two rounds of Max's challenge I lost 35kgs, I've kept it off and will redo the program in August. I love Max's work, I love his commitment, and the most important thing is I love the results*
Annalisa Peiris
After the first round of Max's 21-day challenge, I was happy to see that I had lost 12kg. My husband only just out did me losing 14kgs. I started the New Year's challenge, and I'm on track to lose another 10kg, hopefully, a little more. So far I'm down 6kg. What I love the most is Max's challenge gets you organised, You know exactly what meals you're eating, they are easy to prepare and delicious. The daily support is second to none, and the weekly consultation doesn't cost you any extra as with most other programs. My husband and I are looking forward to a healthy future with our family and friends*
* Individual results may vary