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recipes delicious 21-day challenge
Thai chicken Meatballs 
Just baked a batch of the Thai Chicken Meatballs. 
The whole family loves them, especially my very fussy 2yo. Serve on a bed of salad for an easy dinner. 
Jeannine Mulligan.

Serves 6
1kg organic chicken mince
1/4 cup of tamari soy sauce
1/2 cup of sweet chilli sauce
2 chopped lemongrass
3 spring onions chopped
1 bunch of fresh coriander chopped
1 lime squeezed
1/2 a chilli (optional)
Sea salt 
Black pepper.

Preheat oven 180c. Combine ingredients in a bowl, season and with wet hands shape into meatballs (I use 2 spoons to shape into meatballs). Place on a paper lined baking tray or foil and bake for 15-20 minutes. You can make a dipping sauce using sweet chili, tamari, and lime. Serve with a fresh salad and

I prepare the chicken mince and ingredients before training/work. Later that day when I get home I roll them into meatballs and cook.  

Don't over cook them and they are delicious.
recipes delicious 21-day challenge
Webber BBQ Grilled Chicken 🍖 
If you're looking for a quick and easy option for lunch and dinner, this chicken marinate is for you. It takes about 15 mins to prepare, and by the time you've made a salad, it's ready to go. 

You can pan-fry, bake, or it's perfect on a sunny summer's day on the BBQ. 

It's a staple of mine at least twice a week; I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

2 or 3 cloves of garlic 
1 chilli 🌶 
Splash tamari (wheat free soy) 
1 piece grated ginger
1/2 tbsp fish  🎣 sauce
Juice from either one lemon or lime 
Sea salt and organic pepper

Slice chicken and combine with my marinate ingredients for about 10 minutes. Then grill, fry or bake away. 

The best thing about this grilled chicken is how delicious it makes your salad taste. Slice and chop cherry tomatoes, cucumber, grated carrots, beetroot and fresh cos lettuce, mind blowing I know.
Beef Lettuce Cups 
Beef cups are one of my favourite meals to prepare. The flavour are awesome and this meal doubles up as a perfect take to work option.

Serves 4
600g piece lean beef or better still veal, fat trimmed
1 onion, grated
5 garlic cloves, finely chopped
1/2 cup (125ml) tamari soy sauce
1 tsp coconut oil
2 tsp grated ginger
1 butter lettuce, leaves separated
3 spring onions, thinly sliced
1 long red chilli, seeds removed, thinly sliced
Method Cut steak into thin strips. Using a rolling pin, flatten each strip to 2mm thick. Combine onion, garlic, tamari, coconut oil and ginger in a bowl. Add beef, turn to coat, then marinate in the pan in the fridge for 1 hour. Preheat BBQ or chargrill to high. Cook beef, in batches, if necessary, for 10 seconds each side until just cooked. Divide beef among lettuce cups, topping with spring onion and chilli. Drizzle over beef cooking juices to serve.
Mexican Meatballs Baked
Serve them hot out of the oven with a side salad or veggies, extra hot sauce and lime. And when you move into phase 3 use any of the phase 3 relishes, dips or chutneys.

Serves 14 meatballs
1 medium zucchini, grated
500 g ground turkey meat (I used 2% fat turkey mince)
¼ red onion, finely diced
3 large cloves of garlic, grated or finely diced
2 tablespoons chopped fresh coriander
1 teaspoon cumin powder
1 teaspoon onion powder (optional but very nice)
sea salt
ground pepper
1 tablespoon tomato paste
2 tablespoons hot sauce 
1 egg (can be omitted)
For cooking: Baking paper, dash of olive oil and more hot sauce
To serve: extra hot sauce, lime wedges and coriander 

Preheat the oven to 210 C.
Using your hands, squeeze out the juices from the grated zucchini into a sink. Return the grated flesh to a mixing bowl. Add the rest of the ingredients, including the egg if using, and mix everything well, so the flavours and ingredients are well incorporated (I used my hands to do this).
Place a piece of baking paper over a flat oven tray/sheet pan. Wet your hands and roll the meat mixture into medium-size balls (a little smaller than a table tennis ball). Place on the tray, spaced out evenly (don’t overcrowd the tray). Drizzle each meatball with a few drops of the hot sauce and place the tray in the oven (make sure it’s hot!) on the middle shelf. Bake for 18-20 minutes.
Remove from the oven and serve with extra hot sauce and some lime wedges. I like to drizzle a little more hot sauce to make them glossy for presentation.
Baked Salmon & Herb Marinade
Baked salmon and herb parcel is easy to make and tasted absolutely delicious. It's the ideal feed twice a week. Just wrap your salmon in foil and add your marinade. 

Salt & pepper, a drizzle of olive oil parsley and a squirt of lemon juice.
recipes delicious 21-day challenge
Crispy Skin Drumsticks. 
If you can control yourself and not eat the delicious crispy skin, then this one is for you. A perfect lean source of protein that will keep you feeling satisfied and make it easy to keep losing weight. 

Place drumsticks in a large bowl and combine all your ingredients.
4 cloves of chopped garlic
Chinese 5 spice
Smoked paprika
Juice 1/2 lemon 
Juice 1/2 a lime,
Sea salt
Organic pepper

Drumsticks can be marinated for a while then placed straight on the BBQ. 

The other option and one of my favourites are baking them in the oven.

Chop an onion place it in your baking tray add the marinaded drumsticks and roast. The onion is the secret to delicious drumsticks, just make sure to bast all your ingredients not letting anything stick to the tray.

After an hour or so turn your drumsticks, so they are golden brown on all sides adding a couple of punnets of cherry tomatoes and asparagus. The cherry tomatoes and the onion will combine which by now is almost like a gravy.

The hardest thing about this recipe is not eating that deliciously crispy mouth-watering skin. 

But seriously if you want to lose weight don't eat the skin, remove it, and you'll find the taste mouth watering. 

Sticky Sweet Lemon & Lime Marinade
You can marinade any meat at all. The leaner, the better, ideal for BBQ's. Add meat then marinade in the fridge for about 30 minutes. The longer, the better but it's right to go almost immediately. Just before cooking, Add lemon and lime juice. Garnish with a slice of lemon chopped coriander and parsley.

Tamari (wheat free soy), Cayenne pepper,
three or four cloves of garlic diced fine as possible, ginger grated, Canadian maple syrup (only during phase 3), Hot paprika, salt and pepper. 
Mushroom Thai Beef
One of my favourites, easy to prepare and packed full of flavour. What else do you want?
1tbsp coconut oil
1 onion diced fine
1 or 2 chillis chopped
4 or 5 cloves of garlic chopped fine
1 handful of snow peas
2 carrots sliced
1 bunch coriander chopped
Mushrooms whole or chopped
1/2 tbsp of Tamari
1 tsp of fish sauce NOTE: teaspoon or less
Pinch of salt
Cracked pepper
Lean beef sliced thinly as possible (idealy eye fillet) or you could use veal or minute steak
A good quality sea salt and organic cracked pepper.

Add coconut oil to a hot skillet, cook your onion until golden brown, adding chilli, mushroom and snow peas. Once it all cooks down a little more, it's time to add your beef. Be very careful not to overcook your beef; it needs to be rare for maximum flavour. Make sure you add salt, pepper, Tamari and fish sauce at this step. Cook your beef on one side add coriander and stir through. Your meal should be ready in less than two minutes. Place into a bowl and let it rest.

You need to serve this meal with a cherry tomato salad, lettuce chopped, sugar snap peas diced and chopped basil. Mix in your Mushroom Thai Beef and enjoy.

crispy pan-fried barramundi 
A mixture of mesclun and roquette, artichokes, grilled red caps, shaved carrot, green olives, sliced radish, chopped snow peas, topped with pan-fried sunflower seeds (no oil 😜) with crispy pan-fried barramundi. Seasoned with garlic and chilli cooked in half teaspoon of coconut oil topped with fresh lemon and cracked pepper.

Italian- style chicken casserole 
This traditional Italian recipe will have your mouth watering for more but keep your portions small.

Italian- style chicken casserole 
1tbsp coconut oil
1 onion diced fine
1 or 2 chillis chopped
4 or 5 cloves of garlic chopped fine
5 or 6 medium carrots 🥕 cut into bite size pieces
1/2 bag of frozen peas
You can use chicken thighs or whole chicken 🍗 
Italian style tomato cooking sauce Passata 700g
400g tin of organic diced tomato
Sea salt 
Cracked pepper 
Water to liberally cover the chicken and vegetables.

Add coconut oil to a large pot, cook your onion softening and adding colour to them. Then add your chicken, skin down if you are using chicken pieces (never eat the chicken skin) or skinless thighs if you want a leaner option. Either way, you must brown your chicken on both sides. The better job you do of this, the tastier this casserole. Add salt and pepper now. Once you start getting some colour (golden brown), then add your chilli and garlic being careful not to burn the garlic. Cook for a minute or two and then add tinned tomato. Cook, stir and season again. After a couple more minutes add in your peas. Cook and stir adding your carrot and Italian cooking sauce (Passata). Season with lots of salt and pepper, add water liberally cover the chicken and vegetables and braise until the chicken is cooked through and the vegetables are soft. Bring to the boil then simmer. When your carrots are soft, and your chicken is flaking off the bone, you'll know you're good to go.

Turmeric Chicken & Roasted Vegetables
1 organic whole chicken washed
1/2 lemon squeezed
Sea salt and black pepper
1tsp turmeric
3 cloves of garlic chopped fine

Roast vegetables
2 onions sliced
3 zucchini sliced long ways
2 large eggplants chopped
3 tomatoes quartered

Cooking time about 2hours
Turn oven to 180. Place prepared vegetables in oven try. 
Chicken: Squeeze lemon all over your chicken coating it well, leave the lemon in the cavity. Infuse the chicken with garlic under the skin. After that start breast side down. Season well with salt and pepper, the more salt and pepper you use the tastier this chicken will be. Add 1/2 a tsp of turmeric and coat the back of the chicken then flip repeating this step making sure you coat the whole chicken in turmeric. Place chicken in the middle of the tray surrounded by vegetables breast side up. After about 40 minutes flip your chicken breast side down, this will stop the breast over cooking. Baste the chicken and vegetables. With 30 mins left, flip your chicken breast side up and baste again. Your chicken will be golden crispy very soon. Be sure to use the liquid in the pan, which has come from the turmeric and onion etc. for your final baste.
Serve with a cabbage salad to complement the roasted vegetables.
I cook this once a week every week.
Max yum soup
Max Yum Soup!
Tom yum soup is a traditional Thai recipe prepared with prawns and delicious spices; it's perfect on a cold winters day for lunch or dinner.
I love the flavours so much I was inspired to make my version of this Thai classic. Sure you can follow this recipe and add prawns, or make my version using chicken thighs. 

If you're doing my 21-day challenge, you need to understand this is a treat meal, a meal you'll enjoy once you hit your health goals. It's perfect around day 43 and beyond. 21-dayers know what I mean!

Max Yum Soup. The more you make, the better, it's perfect reheated for lunch or dinner. Add a salad on the side, and you're good to go.
1/2 Tsp coconut 🌴 oil
Any cut of chicken, I use thighs 500-1kg
Salt & pepper
1 onion diced fine
1 hot chilli 🌶  chopped
3-5 cloves of garlic chopped
1 heaped Tsp of turmeric
Large piece of ginger grated 
400g tinned diced tomatoes
2 x 400g light coconut milk
2 punters of cherry tomatoes 🍅 
1 tin of unsweetened pineapple cut into quarters
Greens, either or bokchoi, Chinese broccoli, choy sum, kale or spinach chopped 
Garnish with coriander 

Cook this in a pot like you would a stew or casserole. 
You won't need much oil if you're using chicken thighs. Heat your pot and brown your onions. When you see the colour you're after add chicken and chilli, make sure to season well. The idea is to cook the chicken thighs and develops flavours, making sure not to burn anything. After it starts smelling good, 10 minutes or so add garlic, turmeric and ginger, stir all these flavours through and maybe turn down your heat if you need to. Your next step is tinned tomatoes, add these and mix all the flavours through together. Let that simmer for a little while again looking to develop flavours. As soon as you like add in your light coconut milk followed by cherry tomatoes and pineapple. Stir all this through adding what greens you've decided on (sometimes I use a hand full of kale) and cook on a medium heat.
The longer it sits on the stove and cooks the more delicious it tastes. 
If you love Thai inspired flavours that warm you from the inside-out, then give my Max Yum soup ago.

NOTE: Could you use a slow cooker or a pressure cooker absolutely.

Tagine Chicken
Chermoula paste is a North African marinade used to flavour meat.
2 Spanish Onions

5 Garlic Cloves 

1 Lemon Juiced 

1 bunch continental parsley

1 bunch Coriander 

Sea salt

Cumin Powder  

Coriander powder 

Chilli powder 

Turmeric Powder to taste 


1 Whole Chicken, chopped into sauté style pieces

1tbsp Olive Oil  

1 Spanish Onion, chopped into 6  

4 or 5 carrots, chopped into large pieces  

1 punnet of cherry tomatoes
A handful black olives

1 preserved lemon, finely chopped optional


8 fresh dates, stoned removed.

To make the chermoula, simply place all ingredients in a food processor and blend.
 Marinate the chicken well in the chermoula paste.
 Heat olive oil in a heavy-based saucepan. Add the chicken pieces and sauté a couple of minutes, colouring well on all sides. 
Add vegetables, olives and preserved lemon and mix well.
 Add enough stock or water to liberally cover the chicken and vegetables and braise until the chicken is cooked through and the vegetables are soft.
 Add the dates and serve.
The Most Delicious Chicken Soup Ever!
Delicious chicken Broth.
Homemade Chicken Soup.
1 whole organic chicken
1 onion diced
1/2 bunch of celery chopped
3 - 4 large carrots chopped into 2cm pieces
4 large cloves of garlic crushed
1 tbsp of coconut oil
Sea salt and black pepper
Chicken stock optional.
Note if you buy your stock it needs to be organic. Make sure it's not full of salt, additives and preservatives.

Add coconut oil to a large pot on a medium heat, add onions and brown a little. Place seasoned chicken in the pot and continue to brown. The longer you brown the chicken and cook the onion the better your soup will taste. Add 200ml of water or stock and crushed garlic, be careful to insure that the ingredients don't stick to the bottom of the pot. Add carrots and celery and the rest of your liquid i.e. water or stock. Make sure you have 6cm of water over the height of
your ingredients.

Cook on a high heat for the first hour checking to see ingredients don't stick to the pot. After an hour, taste and season again if required, turn heat to medium and cook for about another hour or until meat flakes off the bone. Option. To reduce cooking time
chop carrots into smaller pieces and use chicken thighs or chicken breast.
This will be the tastiest chicken soup you've ever eaten. Make a large batch and reheat and enjoy for lunch the next day.
Piping Hot Seafood Broth
You can use any seafood in this dish. Mussels, clams,
prawns or any fish.
2 fillets of locally caught fish - snapper, barramundi etc
1 red onion chopped and diced
3 cloves garlic chopped and diced
1 red chilli chopped
8 cherry tomatoes quartered
1 tinned diced organic tomatoes
1 jar of Tomato Pasata ( Italian tomato sauce)
Sea salt and black pepper
2 fillets of locally caught fish - snapper, barramundi, etc

Add coconut oil to a frying pan and sauté onion till soft. Add chilli, garlic and mix all your ingredients on a low heat. After a minute or two,
add your diced tinned tomato and Pasata. Now need to let this sauce simmer. Even though your sauce is ready to go after 20 minutes, let it simmer for an hour then turn up the heat a little and add your seafood. Making sure not to over cook it. Depending on your seafood It should only take about 8 to 10 mins. 
Serve up this delicious seafood treat in a bowl, lettuce cups or my favourite serving it up on crunchy raw vegetables like sugar snap or snow peas.
Try more delicious food: Follow this link for a mince version of my grandmother's pasta sauce, you will love it.