weight loss fun in the sun
If you're looking 👀 for a weight loss system that comes with step by step instructions on exactly what to do to lose weight then 👀 look no further. 

Busy life?
I get it; you're so flat out you don't even want to think about it, and you're not exactly sure how to go about losing weight.

My challenge equips you with the support needed to get organised.

You're feeling overwhelmed, trying to lose weight and failing can be depressing. 

The holidays are here again 😫

You know it's time to get moving!

Finish 2019 fit and confident with my 21-day program. 
Direct line of communication. 

The more you communicate the better your results, you have 24/7 access via your Transformation Coach Messenger App, following my step by step system is easy.
All the hard work's done for you. All you need to do is lose the weight.

We eat real food 🥘.

Most of us have forgotten what real food is. 

My meal plan is suitable for everyone in the family. There's no need to cook different meals for different family members. 

Watch the weight fall off you and watch everyone in your family become healthier and happier.

Fit, strong & confident.
Your family unit is a product of its environment. Are you the role model?

Enjoy social events.

Life's fun when your fit and healthy. 

Being social, spending time with family and friends is what we love ❤️ to do.

Let me teach you how to enjoy social events and not put weight on. It's all part of my 21-day program.

The best thing is the price of my challenge. The least expensive best value for money challenge out there!

And you get all of the following.

$69.95 that's it!

Daily support 24/7

Weekly meal🥘 plan - Seasonal recipes breakfast, lunch and dinner

Transformation Coach Messenger App  - Getting started right. All your information in one easy to follow App. 

Get immediate access and start when you're ready.
Maximise your weight loss with personalised daily and weekly adjustments. 

It's not always smooth sailing; you have a few social events coming up, letting me adjust your program allows you to socialise then back to the plan, the getting fit, strong and confident plan.

Remember you get all this, for $69.95
21 day challenge reviews
Eight weeks ago I was 77.3 kgs, unhappy, unhealthy and wanting to make a change. 

Today, thanks to Max I am 65.4 kgs. That’s an almost 12kgs difference! 

My life has completely changed. I couldn’t have done it without this program.*
success with Rocco and Nadina
Starting weight Rocco 99 kg, Nadina 68kg
Current weight Rocco 79 kg, Nadina 57kg. 

" Our knowledge of what to eat and the importance of the type of food we eat has been a significant eye-opener since joining Max's 21-day challenge."  

" We know what we need to do to lose weight, and keep it off! It has been the best education we have ever had." *
weight loss beach body summer body
 Cory O'Brien "I've lost 13kgs I'm so happy."*
Erin Bradley "I lost 35kgs, kept it off and will redo the program."*
 Cory O'Brien "I've lost 11kgs in 21 days."*
 Erin Bradley "I lost 35kgs, kept it off and will redo the program."*
21 days
  • Fast forward results...                                                       
  • ​Kick start & shred fat immediately...                     
  • Ideal for special events e.g. Wedding, summer beach body...                                                          
42 days
  • Feeling Bloated, Sluggish Slow: 7-day cleanse is the perfect way to start your weight loss and continue feeling better every day.
  • Sustain: Four weeks of Fat Shredder.       
  • Coach: Sure & Steady + FREE Program on completing.
63  days
  • Bonus Package: Customised action plan delivered immediately guarantees you results in...
  • Lose 8 x More: 1-on-1 coaching call with the Transformation coach...
  • Long-term weight loss plan focuses on day 64 to 100
* Individual results may vary.